ONELOVE 2016 Annual Report

Dear ONELOVE Supporter,

2016 has been a year to remember! Through our faithful and generous donors, God has completely humbled us and blown us away with His plans for One Love. For God's glory, we have attached a highlight real of what One Love was able to accomplish in it's first six months of existence.

Starting One Love has been an amazing opportunity to witness people come together to help fellow mankind across the world. While we hope you will all have the opportunity to visit the preschool one day, to date this effort has been one of blind faith for most of you. We realize the sacrifice this takes, and for that we are forever grateful to our donors.

In exchange for your faithfulness, we pledge to be transparent with our budget and plans for One Love. If you ever have any questions or concerns relating to this matter, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Enclosed is your summary of donations through December 31, 2016. We pray that

2017 will bring more opportunity to help empower and enrich the lives of those living in poverty in Ethiopia and we hope you will continue to partner with us in our mission to share the love of Jesus Christ by providing a school for young children in Ethiopia, while also empowering their parents to rise-up in their community.


One Love Board of Directors

Mandy Bradshaw, Co-Director, Secretary
Kit Bradshaw, Vice-President
Megghan St. Aubyn, Co-Director, Treasurer
Jared St. Aubyn, President

2016 ONELOVE Highlights:

In July 2016, One Love Directors Mandy Bradshaw & Megghan St. Aubyn traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet with the directors of the school and work out details of the agreement between One Love and the preschool. At that time, One Love paid for a full year of rent for the new preschool compound. Immediately following, renovation on the property began to prepare for the start of the school year in September.

One Love founding sponsors made it possible to completely renovate the compound to be a functional school including buying tables, chairs, shelving, playground equipment, and supplies.

Before school began in September, our generous donors provided enough funding to install a large water tank and a water filter. Students, staff, and families are blessed with clean water at the school and there is enough for families to take home when needed. Clean water is a luxury item in Ethiopia and we are proud to be able to enrich lives with clean water at the preschool.

The initial plan was for 150 students to attend the preschool. The directors of the preschool went door to door, informing families about the opening of the school. Ultimately, they enrolled 207 students! 50% of the students at the school are sponsored and 50% pay a small tuition each month.

The preschool is in an area of extreme poverty where food is not a daily guarantee for many families. One Love has partnered with an organization to provide milk and a nutritious meal for students attending school.

The teachers and staff at the preschool attend monthly training sessions and are evaluated on a regular basis. We are working with the school directors to ensure each student attending the preschool will be prepared to enter elementary school in Grade 1.

All of the sponsored students were provided with a uniform through One Love. The non- profit partnering with the school for the nutrition program generously donated uniforms for the students paying tuition.

The closing of Connected in Hope Preschool created an immediate need for a preschool in the Shiro Meda area of Addis Ababa. After partnering with One Love, the directors of the preschool took over the Connected in Hope Preschool license temporarily so the school could open in September. They then began working on obtaining a new license. In December 2016 the directors reached their goal and were granted a new license for the preschool, changing the name of the school to Love Ethiopia Academy.

Dear One Love Supporters,
Friends of One Love


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