This past October, I traveled to Ethiopia with a team of dreamers. We dreamt of long flights, 50 pound luggage, bottled water, and hand sanitizer. We dreamt of little people, giggles, hugs, and new friends. As it turns out, we found that Ethiopia is full of dreamers too.

Our guest house was run by a woman who had trusted God when he led her to open her own guest house. She was full of hospitality and hope. She served us fresh coffee and popcorn while she told us of her plans and how she was living her dreams. She dreamt of having an impact on her country and her people. We saw her dreams every day in the way she ministered and served those around her.

Our driver/translator, once separated from his family and working hard as a child to meet his own needs, was living the dream of owning his own business and using it to help others. His investment of love and dignity in those around him gave others the opportunity to dream.

In Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa, the children dream of becoming pilots. They see planes flying over their city, planes that bring other dreamers to their country. The planes represent dreams, flight, freedom. We had the opportunity to meet a woman whose child attends the preschool, Love Ethiopia Academy. Her house was small. Her story was hard. She struggled with an illness that made it hard for her to get and keep work. But she could dream. She dreamt of a day that her son would become a pilot and he would fly them to visit us in our homes. To share coffee and bread. To share our stories and our dreams.

Graduation Mission Trip 2018


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Monday, 24 January 2022

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