Our Story

In 2014

Mandy Bradshaw took her first trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her group traveled in the notably poverty stricken Shiro Meda region of Addis Ababa and spent many mornings at a preschool sponsored by a non-profit organization. While her heart was broken at the extreme levels of poverty that she witnessed, she was moved by the amount of love shown to the children at the school and the undeniable joy and hope they displayed.

In 2015, Megghan St. Aubyn traveled with Mandy and her group to experience the same environment and emotions Mandy had experienced the year before. Although to the naked American eye the little school was rugged, after spending time there, Megghan described it as "the happiest place on earth."

Upon their return from Ethiopia, both Mandy and Megghan wondered why God had taken them across the world and broken their hearts. What could they possibly do to make a difference from 8,384 miles away?

In early 2016, two important events occurred. Megghan's husband Jared suffered a life threatening injury and woke up with a firm belief that God saved his life for a reason; Jared began praying for God to reveal what he was meant to do here on earth. Soon after, Mandy's husband, Kit, took a similar trip to Ethiopia and came home with full understanding of his wife's passion for the people in this developing country.

Fast forward to May 2016... The American's who ran the non-profit that sponsored the preschool decided to shut down their operation. Both the St. Aubyns and Bradshaws had sponsored children from the school and Mandy in particular had developed a strong bond with her student and his family. During the past two years Mandy had also become friends with several Ethiopians associated with running the school.

When news came that the school was closing, it was clear to Mandy why God had called her to Ethiopia. It became her passion to help provide these children and their families with another school to attend. God continued to open doors and use relationships to make her prayers a reality.

In June 2016, Mandy and Kit Bradshaw along with Megghan and Jared St. Aubyn took a leap of faith and started the non-profit organization, One Love.

The mission of One Love is to share the love of Jesus Christ by providing a school for young children in Ethiopia while concurrently empowering their parents to rise-up in their community

That brings us to the present...

One Love partnered with an excellent Ethiopian team in the Shiro Meda region of Addis Ababa, to open Love Ethiopia Academy. The school has a loving, nourishing environment for children ages three through six that encourages educational success and character development. While providing a safe place for children to learn and grow, the school also empowers their parents with the opportunity to work in the community and support their families. The preschool serves over 200 children in the area.
One Love also provides a nutritious lunch and snack for every student, every day they attend school. In addition, through generous donations to One Love, the school has a water filtration system on site that provides clean water to all students, staff and families associated with the preschool.
It is our hope and prayer that you will consider partnering with One Love through our monthly supporter program, or with a donation to the annual fund.
At times poverty in this broken world can be overwhelming and it feels impossible to make a difference. It starts with One - One {act of} Love will empower children and families to begin a path toward self reliance and hope for the future.

One {act of} Love