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Graduation Mission Trip 2018

Graduation-Blog-PictureI had the privilege to serve with One Love in the Summer of 2018. I absolutely loved my time in Ethiopia with this team. Our trip was focused on graduating several precious little lives from the program and loving on the school staff, parents and kiddos. Our day always started out comfortably in the precious guest house where Abe and his staff made sure we were fed and happy. They truly know how to make us foreigners at home. After coffee and breakfast we made our way to the school. To be able to see parents drop off their littles and see those faces so happy as they were welcomed by the staff in a safe and nurturing space is what really impacted my heart. As an adoptive momma of a son from Ethiopia, I have learned about how incredibly important it is to help our kiddos from hard places feel safe, loved, valued, and empowered. I really feel like One Love embodies all of this. And to me, those principles are incredibly important towards my decision to be apart of a ministry. Some of our time was spent loving on the staff and building relationships. And even some cultural dancing. This part was extremely valuable for me. And when you do this, you realize you share lots of similarities. I treasured those times with those teachers. After loving on the school staff and kiddos, Mandy and Megghan made sure we got to experience part of the wonderful Ethiopian culture with food, of course more coffee, and a couple visits to other ministries. I believe some Mission trips can be extremely exhausting and wearing on the soul, however, I really felt like we had enough time to talk, charge ourselves, and be ready for what the next day held. All in all visiting the One Love school was so good for my heart. To actually get to see what my monthly donation is going towards made my heart sing. One Love is truly a happy place for these little lives to be able to show up daily welcomed by the staff who is ready to nurture, love, play, and give these kiddos a foundation that is priceless. Most of the kids will have a tough road ahead, but the One Love school gets them that much closer to ending the cycle of poverty for themselves and generations to come.

Shannon Carew

Man Up Mission Trip, January 2018

Man-Up-Blog-PictureSometimes God asks you to travel 8,384 miles to open your eyes.  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is exactly that distance- and my eyes were opened to children happy and full of joy, even while living in extreme poverty.  To understand their joy, you have to understand their faith, and their family’s faith.  Faith in a Great God.  Faith that is true to the words in Philippians 4:19 - Their God will meet all of their needs.

In 2014 one of the founders of One Love listened to this same God and obeyed, not knowing His plan for her life.  Soon she understood and again obeyed.  Today over 300 pre-school children are receiving an education, nutrition and clean water for their family with the direct efforts of four amazing Coloradans and an unbelievable Ethiopian staff.  Earlier this month I met each and every one of the students, and I was the one being Blessed.  I didn’t go because they needed me, I went to see how they could achieve so much joy with so little…in fact they have a lot.  They have immediate family that loves them, neighbors that look after them, school administrators that care for them, nourish them and educate them.  They are valued in their communities, and they have a great future ahead of them because of their educational opportunities being provided.  Educational opportunities being provided, in part, by generous donors.  Donors not looking to give because it makes them feel better, helping those “poor” people.  No, but donors that understand that what has been generously given them, truly comes from God. Generous donors intentionally directing their resources for the good of others, for Gods children, their brothers and sisters with John 15:12 always in their heart.  God is speaking to you, He will never stop.  Can you hear Him?  In 2018 take time to listen. In 2018 I would love for you to learn more about One Love.  They are loving Gods children well over 8,300 miles away and those children are changing lives right here, everyday.  If you feel you are being led, please prayerfully consider supporting such a wonderful organization.

Chad Behnken


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